Three key factors cause the majority of the wear and tear on most boats.
They are saltwater, sun and usage.


  1. Inland boats sit in fresh water, not in corrosive salt water. The salt is in the air and corrodes everything.
  2. The further north you go, the less intense the sun, and hence, the less intense the amount of sun fade on the gel coat and canvas.
  3. Finally and most importantly is the length of the boating season. In the northern part of the country, the boating season is very short, lasting only three to four months long. Most southern or coastal boats sit in the water year round and are exposed to these harsh elements 12 months out of the year. These conditions never allow the hulls the opportunity to dry out.

A fresh water boat that is located inland typically gets used three to four months of the year. Then it gets pulled and stored, either covered on the hard deck or inside a heated facility. These boats have the least amount of exposure to these three harsh elements. Typically, the further north you go, the nicer the boats. Our advice to our clients is always the same, “Buy a fresh water boat located in the northern section of the country.”

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